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What is Serial Fiction? 

Serialized fiction is a story told in episodes over a period of time. It works a lot like a television show, with new episodes scheduled regularly on set days of the week. And like a television show they can span many seasons and have hundreds of episodes by the time they’re done. It’s an amazing way to stay in the world of the characters and stories you’ve come to love.


This concept has been around for nearly two centuries.

My Serial Fiction: 

Nerissa’s a siren, born of salt & sea. A monster of the deep...well, she should’ve been. Her first kill went horribly wrong and she ended up stuck on land with a human boy to anchor her there.

Neri likes her new landlocked state though. Instead of singing out and taking whatever meal hears her, she can hunt with purpose now.

It’s all going swimmingly, until she goes into Heat for the first time, inadvertently Calling Finn (her human) to her side—and trapping him within a three-foot radius of her overheated, ravenous body. She’s been craving him in her bedroom for longer than she cares to admit, but she can’t risk jeopardizing her only Tether to land. Or worse, making a meal out of him on accident.

About Us
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My name is Shannon Renee

I’m a flip-flop wearing wife & homeschool mother of three. I live on coffee and optimism. I write snarky complicated romances that slow burn before getting steamy. I like a pinch of otherworldly in all aspects of my life - so paranormal & urban fantasy are my jam. I adore fancy looking Pinterest food that I'll never actually cook, Disney Parks, tarot cards & anything that ends in Happily Ever After. 


I adore strong leads - male and female - and enough steam to make me blush. Mutual pining, childhood best friends, enemies to lovers, and fated mates are my weakness…I read them and I write them. 

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Find me on social media, and say, hello. If you love magic & romance... let's be friends!

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What readers are saying...

"Okay, I admit I don't read many paranormal books, but this is clever AF and ummm, wow! The steam factor. I'm HERE for it."

Tina M. (Beta Reader)

Me reading this ARC: Swoons, sighs, sobs, groans, throws fit, leaves snarky comments in google docs, grips blankets, melts into puddle, contemplates if I’ve EVER had loving that good,….holds breath for 8 chapters, falls back in my chair and lets out a relieved sigh. Goes back for more.

Becca H. (Beta Reader)

That's it. This story has killed me. Goodbye, World. I have deceased from feels. Ma'am. You are brilliant. This was chefs kiss

Sara S.

Google Docs needs emoji options! **Me frantically inserting all the fire ones** because...that whole scene was the hottest foreplay ever. Like holy freaking damn. I’m panting! When they, get there, I might die.

Christina T. (Beta Reader)

That was perfection. All of it was amazing. Their arcs, the foreshadowing, the blending of fables, the beats—the will they/won’t they…all of it was so great and omg! I’m already busy spreading the word, because the world will love it! GAH! It’s amazing. I said that already, but it needs to be said again and again.

Marie C.

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